Okta, a leader in security identity management, turned to HERO for their first ever direct mail test. Since we were dealing with skeptical IT directors and managers who don't typically respond to marketing efforts, we knew we needed something that would stand out and make an impression. So, we recommended an intriguing dimensional mailer and gift that supported their mission to help any company FIND the solutions and systems to adopt any technology.


Once opened, our theme explained the many ways a business can FIND many of the answers they're likely looking with Okta technology. Plus, to spark requests for a meeting with a sales representative, we include a free Tile to sweeten the deal. Our mailing was big success. Not only did it garner a 70% response, it also won a GOLD Visual Media Alliance Showcase of Excellence Award.





As a follow-up to our Okta B2B dimensional mailer, HERO developed a companion campaign email that was sent to prospects within 3 days of the package arriving. It provided the option of emailing the same sales representative directly, or the ability to learn more about the ways Okta can increase IT security, business efficiency, and more.



The Okta B2B campaign email linked to a campaign landing page that features customer testimonial videos, and the option to request a meeting with their specific sales representative. This also enabled Okta to capture additional information about the lead in their database to help the representative have a more informed discussion with each prospect.