Take Me To Your Leaders

When we started HERO, we knew exactly what type of agency we wanted to be: one that fosters relationships, innovation, creativity, and fun. For us, being a HERO means loving what we do, and doing our best possible work every day—even in ways that people don’t notice. It’s about caring for others, being honest in all we do, and leading by example.

Richard Bumgarner • Founder & CCO

Obsession is bad in a roommate. But it's exactly what you want in the guy championing your creative. For over 20 years, Richard has been bringing his own brand of gung-ho energy to the health care and tech space, spearheading creative on behalf of clients like Verizon and Kaiser Permanente. If you can name it, Richard has likely done it with style and panache.



Lyn Rundell • Founder & CEO

If heroes had corner offices, Lyn would rarely be found there—because you can’t lead by example from a desk chair. Her refusal to sit still has led to over 25 years of marketing leadership in financial services and e-commerce, where she put her skills to use on behalf of clients like E*TRADE and Charles Schwab. Whether it’s developing strategic initiatives or running a company that sees no boundary between working hard and having fun, Lyn does it all.


Kim Johnson • EVP, Managing Director

Kim has been developing CRM and data-driven campaigns long before they were industry buzzwords. She earned her sharp-eyed skill set over 20 years of managing campaigns in health care and high-tech, working with clients like Blue Shield and Autodesk. Her ability to strategize and direct campaigns across channels and industries, while keeping her eye on the bigger picture, is matched only by her thirst for adventure.