And More

CKGSB OOH Advertising: This advertising campaign for the Hong Kong International Airport built awareness of the school's MBA program and Extension courses for executives in their native habitat: on the go

Kaiser Permanente Event Promo: Smile, Snap, Share: This larger-than-life, traveling installation dramatizes the brand's promise to placing members at the center of everything it does—and invites passersby to share their #‎HowIThrive stories

H&R Block Illustrations: Our stylized graphics took center stage in retail signage and collateral designed to highlight the brand’s health insurance pilot, charitable donations for local schools, and more

H&R Block Trade Show Booth: Conceived for H&R Block's annual convention, our theme of "Tomorrow's Tools for Today's Clients" was realized through a forward-thinking booth design, product videos, mobile app demonstrations, and more

Kaiser Permanente Photo Shoot: Our image library captured the company's diverse member base and channel options, while supporting brand differentiation

Generation Tux Bridal Shows: Our wedding gift to happy couples everywhere? A 100% online shopping experience designed to make it easier than ever to look great

PLS Photo Shoot: HERO developed a custom image library to capture the PLS in-store experience—along with the empowerment the brand provides its customers