Health Care

Kaiser Permanente Awareness Promo: Shopping—as exercise? Yes, thanks to this award-finalist series of fun in-mall promotional posters

Kaiser Permanente Awareness Promo: “Shop healthy, feel better” was the thrust of this award-finalist in-mall campaign, encouraging shoppers to try a series of fun exercises

Kaiser Permanente Fulfillment: This collateral series is focused on driving enrollments by providing exactly what seniors want: Easy-to-understand support that cuts through the complexity of Medicare

Kaiser Permanente Direct Mail & Email Program: Over the course of 15 months, this initiative helped drive nearly 90% retention among members 

Kaiser Permanente Photo Shoot: Our image library captured the company's diverse member base and channel options, while supporting brand differentiation

Kaiser Permanente Brand Templates: We developed 80+ unique print and digital templates for promotional and informational communications—improving brand consistency and time-to-market

Kaiser Permanente Retail Promo: Our award-winning in-mall campaign supported Kaiser Permanente's commitment to making it easier than ever for Coloradans to access high-quality health care

Kaiser Permanente Retail Promo: Cutting through the clutter: These award-winning, large-scale mall advertisements educated Colorado shoppers on benefits of the brand’s offering by using active, health-oriented images in an unexpected environment

Kaiser Permanente Retail Promo: These award-winning posters drive awareness and bring to life the ways the brand makes getting exceptional care easier

Kaiser Permanente Event Promo: Smile, Snap, Share: This larger-than-life, traveling installation dramatizes the brand's promise to placing members at the center of everything it does—and invites passersby to share their #‎HowIThrive stories

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Website Refresh: Our work made it easier than ever for users to find the information they were looking for—while also positioning the brand as the best choice in plans