Other Industries

Kettle Chips Testing: Our rapid development process enabled Kettle Chips to test names, logo design, and product copy for the launch of its vegetable chips 

Kettle Chips Testing: Naming for Kettle Chips vegetable chips included whimsical options like Veg Appeal, Veggie Bliss, and Veg Head

Kettle Chips Testing: Logo design for Kettle Chips vegetable chips played off the parent brand, while forging sub-brand distinction

AssetMark Identity System: Branding beyond the logo? Our work established new visual conventions to give AssetMark a cohesive brand identity

AssetMark Logo: When Genworth Financial rebranded itself as AssetMark, HERO was there—giving the brand a fresh, modern look befitting an industry innovator

AssetMark Signage: We designed backlit building signage for AssetMark's move to their new headquarters

Miller Brand copy.png

AssetMark Sub-Brand Logo: Fresh from successfully rebranding AssetMark, we developed the identity for sub-brand Savos Investments—positioning it for a wealthy clientele

AssetMark Brand Guidelines: We rounded out the AssetMark identity initiative with official guidelines for ensuring brand consistency at every touch point

AssetMark Sub-Brand Identity: The identity we designed for Savos Investments extended to its entire brand system, giving the brand a clean, forward look