Hi Bruce! We put together this creative showcase just for you

Yes, having more than one agency can sometimes be a hassle. But when they’re agencies driven by meeting your desired outcomes vs. just wanting to control your entire budget, it means fresh thinking, specialized experience, and incremental resources. Since we founded HERO we’ve happily partnered with other agencies, big and small, to ensure an easy, productive working relationship and happy clients.

We believe that’s why every client we’ve had since our founding has either worked with us in the past or been referred to us by someone who has. But, don't take our word for it. Here's just a sampling of what some of our clients have told us:


Thanks again for your time, Bruce. Please reach out if you'd like to further discuss all the ways in which HERO might help Tailored Brands meet its business and marketing objectives.

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Autodesk Digital: Sophisticated segmentation and tailored messaging powered this user conference campaign and helped to boost attendance to over 10,000 professionals

Intuit Illustrations: Our artwork captured the brand’s philosophy of simple, accessible services so well that they’re now brand standards

Intuit 1099 & W-2 Wizard: Designed to boost brand affinity & product trial, this wizard stands as the most organically-visited page on the brand’s small biz website

Autodesk University Website Development: From the creation of a modular design system, to user interaction and content organization, we helped this global software giant deliver an online experience that reflected their mission to empower the professionals who design and make the wold around us. The site also served as a template for user conferences and events in 10 other countries.

Men’s Wearhouse Retail Banner: “Your Dream Wedding Sweepstakes” in a men’s clothing store? Yes—if you want to boost sales during wedding season

Autodesk Internal Communications: Autodesk had a mission to be a more productive and efficient company—recognizing how many hours employees wasted in unnecessary meetings. To spark a bottom-up culture shift, they turned to HERO for an unexpected, motivational-style campaign infused with humor, wit, and educational facts.

GSB OOH Advertising: This advertising campaign for the Hong Kong International Airport built awareness of the school's MBA program and Extension courses for executives in their native habitat: on the go

Miller Website Development: From wireframes and designs, to content development and QA, we helped this Bay Area law group deliver an online experience that reflected their unique company by being anything but business as usual

Men’s Wearhouse Catalog: We prefer the term “direct response fashion selling machine” for this piece, which showcased everything you need to look your best on your big day

Men's Wearhouse Retail Signage: From sweepstakes to gifts with purchase, our monthly in-store promotions used unconventional approaches for a men's clothing store, by appealing to that other influencer: the groom’s future spouse

Men’s Wearhouse Catalog: The perfect color is key when planning your dream wedding—which is why our in-store catalog highlighted the latest color trends and styles

Generation Tux Landing Pages: Prom season can be stressful, so we sweetened it with a smartwatch sweeps to promote online tuxedo rental service

PLS In-Store Signage: Doing well by doing good: This in-store signage was designed to boost adoption and usage of the PLS Avon prepaid card, which donates a portion of every transaction toward the fight against breast cancer

PLS In-Store Signage: With headlines such as, "Together We Can Take a Swipe at Cancer,” our promotion for the PLS Avon Prepaid Visa Card helped inspire thousands of PLS customers to join the fight to end breast cancer

Generation Tux Direct Mail: This award-winning creative was designed to make it easy for parents to get their kid to prom looking great. We included helpful information and a one-of-a-kind measuring tape that made this 100% online shopping experience 100% fool-proof

Generation Tux Bridal Shows: Our wedding gift to happy couples everywhere? A 100% online shopping experience designed to make it easier than ever to look great

Kaiser Permanente Event Promo: Smile, Snap, Share: This larger-than-life, traveling installation dramatizes the brand's promise to placing members at the center of everything it does—and invites passersby to share their #‎HowIThrive stories

Kaiser Permanente Retail Promo: Our award-winning in-mall campaign supported Kaiser Permanente's commitment to making it easier than ever for Coloradans to access high-quality health care

Kaiser Permanente Retail Promo: Cutting through the clutter: These award-winning, large-scale mall advertisements educated Colorado shoppers on benefits of the brand’s offering by using active, health-oriented images in an unexpected environment

Kaiser Permanente Retail Promo: These award-winning posters drive awareness and bring to life the ways the brand makes getting exceptional care easier

Kettle Chips Testing: Our rapid development process enabled Kettle Chips to test names, logo design, and product copy for the launch of its vegetable chips

Kettle Chips Testing: Logo design for Kettle Chips vegetable chips played off the parent brand, while forging sub-brand distinction

Kettle Chips Testing: Naming for Kettle Chips vegetable chips included whimsical options like Veg Appeal, Veggie Bliss, and Veg Head