Financial Services

H&R Block Emerald Brand Logo: This creative exploration involved extending the master brand into a distinct, yet complementary financial services sub-brand

H&R Block Emerald Card Design: Need a fresh, modern aesthetic for a card that stands out in customers’ wallets? Done and done

H&R Block Emerald Advertising: “It’s your money. You call the shots.” Combined with a clean, contemporary design, this campaign initiative was so money

H&R Block Brochure: What's the best way to gain share of wallet? Make sure new cardholders understand all the unique benefits their card offers out of the gate—and that's exactly what this brochure did

H&R Block Emails & Landing Pages: It’s all about getting the word out and driving your audience to learn more—mission more than accomplished 

PLS Responsive Landing Pages: Optimized for mobile, these landing pages highlighted localized content and a mapping feature to increase retail traffic

PLS Logo: We developed and tested a range of logo updates and designs, with the goal of maintaining customer affinity while gaining greater market impact: Done and done

PLS Merchandising Strategies: This award-winning initiative included LED light boxes, cross-sell programs, & seasonal promos to enhance in-store merchandising

PLS Retail Collateral: Cross-selling the brand’s products and services takes center stage in this brochure series—designed to maximize conversions at the point of sale

PLS Brand Guidelines: How do you build brand consistency at every touch point—from advertising, to the web, retail, and beyond? Through comprehensive brand guidelines from HERO

PLS In-Store Signage: Doing well by doing good: This in-store signage was designed to boost adoption and usage of the PLS Avon prepaid card, which donates a portion of every transaction toward the fight against breast cancer

PLS In-Store Signage: With headlines such as, "Together We Can Take a Swipe at Cancer,” our promotion for the PLS Avon Prepaid Visa Card helped inspire thousands of PLS customers to join the fight to end breast cancer

PLS Photo Shoot: HERO developed a custom image library to capture the PLS in-store experience—along with the empowerment the brand provides its customers