Autodesk Digital: Go big—or go bigger: This user conference campaign spanning display ads, social media, and responsive emails went really big, driving 10,000+ registrations

Autodesk Turnkey Marketing Kit: We’re talking invitations, handouts, flyers & email templates designed to help boost attendance at industry events in 18 countries

Autodesk Interactive Emails: An innovative email solution for promoting an event to multiple audiences, without having to develop industry-specific creative? Yes & yes

Autodesk Digital: Sophisticated segmentation and tailored messaging powered this user conference campaign and helped to boost attendance to over 10,000 professionals

Okta Dimensional Mailer: This award-winning direct mail test supported Okta's mission to help decision makers find the solutions and systems to adopt any technology

Okta Dimensional Mailer: This award-winning direct mail package helped fuel a “meeting-maker” program that the client described as one of its most successful ever

Okta Responsive Landing Pages: Part of an award-winning high-impact direct marketing program, these pages featured industry-based lead capture for more informed sales calls

Okta Responsive Emails: Timed to hit three days before our award-winning dimensional mailer, this email series helped drive higher response rates

Intuit 1099 & W-2 Wizard: Designed to boost brand affinity & product trial, this wizard stands as the most organically-visited page on the brand’s small biz website

Intuit Illustrations: Our artwork captured the brand’s philosophy of simple, accessible services so well that they’re now brand standards

Intuit Email Testing: Which email will work best? We tested a range of offers, messaging, design & more to maximize effectiveness

Intuit Offer Fulfillment: Our email-and-landing page optimization campaign for Intuit included an element that often gets overlooked: offer fulfillment

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